[PARPORT] Re: Philips CDD 3610 - paralell

Mon, 1 Feb 1999 15:46:59 -0500 (EST)

> Can somebody help me with a cookbook for installing Phillips CDD 3610 -
> paralell?
> I have tried:
> insmod paride + insmod epat + insmod pcd.
> Then I can read from the drive like another CD-player.
> Then I tried: insmod paride + insmod epat + insmod pg.
> Then I am unable to mount pg!!!

That's because pg is not for mounting. It's a specialised interface
for programs like 'cdrecord'.

> 1. How do I install Philips CDD 3610 - paralell like an ordinary CD-R??

I suspect that you really mean "how can install the CD-RW so that it works
like it does with Adaptec's Direct CD ?".

Unfortunately, you can't. Linux does not yet have an implementation of
the "UDF" filesystem that is required for writing to CD-RWs like
ordinary disks.

> 2. How do I mount the drive?

Exactly the way you did. Using the pcd driver.

If you want to write to a CD-R you must use a special program. This is
true for all CD-R devices - on all operating systems - because CD-R is
a sequential write-once medium. Note that there's a difference between
CD-R and CD-RW !
> 3. Where can I found some software for burning with Philips CDD 3610

You can burn CD-Rs with the cdrecord package. Make sure you get 1.6.1 or
later. Check http://www.torque.net/parport/cdr.html for links.

Grant R. Guenther grant@torque.net

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