Re: [PARPORT] about using cdrecord on an HP-7200e CD-RW
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 06:40:18 -0500 (EST)

> I have a HP7200e cdwriter which only has parallel port.
> I want to attach it to my linux(2.2.0) and use your cdrecord
> to write data. the version of cdrecord is 1.8a16.

This is not quite the right place to ask this question, as
cdrecord is an application maintained by Joerg Schilling,
not by members of this mailing list. The correct place
to ask questions about cdrecord is .
However ...

> I successfully attached the cdwriter to my computer,
> and the kernel recognized the cdwriter as /dev/pg0, but
> I don't know how to input the dev= option in this case,
> how the device /dev/pg0 related to SCSI numbers?

Most likely you want to say dev=0,0 - unless you also have
a SCSI controller on your system. The more general answer
is to read the cdrecord documentation and do

        cdrecord -scanbus

And use the output to construct the dev= parameter. (Alas,
I don't think Joerg prints the scanbus report in the same
syntax that he expects for the dev= parameter, but you
should be able to figure it out.)

BUT, it is also possible that your cdrecord was not
compiled correctly. If pg loads successfully and
cdrecord -scanbus doesn't find the drive, then something
is wrong with your cdrecord. You can load pg with the
extra option "verbose=2" to get a trace of all commands
that the driver processes (on your console - don't do this
in X). If cdrecord isn't even probing the pg devices,
your local configuration is probably not correct: the
cdrecord makefiles expect to find pg.h in a correctly
linked kernel source tree, else they silently disable
the pg support.

Grant R. Guenther

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