[PARPORT] RE: Philips CDD 3610 - paralell

Trond Kristiansen (trond@tkr.pjusken.no)
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 23:48:45 +0100


I have some trouble with my mailsystem so I send this again!

man, 01 feb 1999, du skrev:
>> Can somebody help me with a cookbook for installing Phillips CDD 3610 -
>> paralell?
>> I have tried:
>> insmod paride + insmod epat + insmod pcd.
>> Then I can read from the drive like another CD-player.
>> Then I tried: insmod paride + insmod epat + insmod pg.
>> Then I am unable to mount pg!!!
>That's because pg is not for mounting. It's a specialised interface
>for programs like 'cdrecord'.
>> 1. How do I install Philips CDD 3610 - paralell like an ordinary CD-R??
>I suspect that you really mean "how can install the CD-RW so that it works
>like it does with Adaptec's Direct CD ?".
>Unfortunately, you can't. Linux does not yet have an implementation of
>the "UDF" filesystem that is required for writing to CD-RWs like
>ordinary disks.
>> 2. How do I mount the drive?
>Exactly the way you did. Using the pcd driver.
>If you want to write to a CD-R you must use a special program. This is
>true for all CD-R devices - on all operating systems - because CD-R is
>a sequential write-once medium. Note that there's a difference between
>CD-R and CD-RW !
>> 3. Where can I found some software for burning with Philips CDD 3610
>You can burn CD-Rs with the cdrecord package. Make sure you get 1.6.1 or
>later. Check http://www.torque.net/parport/cdr.html for links.
>Grant R. Guenther grant@torque.net


I ned some more answer. I hope someone can help. After reading 10000.........
HOWTO's and mailing-lists I am confusing.

1. Is it possible to copy CD to CD??

Redhat 5.2
Kernel 2.0.36
Two paralell-port: lpr0 for CDD 3610 and lpr2 for my printer
Philips CDD 3610 paralell

My qui. is:
2. What kind of support do I need to compile inn to my kernel?
Generic-SCSI as module, direct or none.
SCSI-emulation as module, direct or none
ATAPI-CDrom support as module, direct or none

3. Then I must make some kind of image on the HD for burning CD's. ?
  I dont now how yet, but I figure that out later.

4. Insmod paride, epat and pcd for reading and pg for writing??
)I have tried to load pg and pcd but then a error say: ......is busy, is already
loaded an module.)

5. When I type insmod pg the light on my drive flash so something is happend.
   But when I use cdrecord -scanbus, nothing is happend

Best regards

Trond K.


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