Re: [PARPORT] ecp (8bit) nullmodem cable pinout?

Rafael Rodrigues Obelheiro (
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 21:32:05 -0200 (EDT)

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Nicolas Souchu wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 03, 1999 at 09:37:28PM -0200, Rafael Rodrigues Obelheiro wrote:
> >I'll think about your ideas very carefully, and peek at your code. More on
> >this subject to come soon. Anyway, as stated below, this is by no means a
> >definitive wiring :)

I finally came to terms with your wiring :)
OTOH, I haven't had the opportunity to look at your code yet, so please
tell me: what's your proposal for ECP channel reversal negotiation?

> Did you consider the ECP software emulation? BTW, is the later
> incorporated in Tim's last patches?

Sorry for the question, but what emulation? Are you guys trying to
implement ECP handshaking by emulating it? What would be the benefits?

> >> Let's Tim CC you our last mail about ECP. We aim at having something
> >> compatible between FreeBSD and Linux.
> >
> >I totally agree with you (both).
> Did we talk about the license ;)

There's no problem whatsoever with the license... the code will be
obfuscated and sold by $100, with the money going to my pocket :))
Now, seriously, is there any portion of either kernel (Linux and FreeBSD)
that's been ported to the other? What happened with the license?


Rafael Rodrigues Obelheiro
Rio Grande, RS, Brazil

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