Re: [PARPORT] ecp (8bit) nullmodem cable pinout?

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Sat, 6 Feb 1999 08:04:22 +0800

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Subject: Re: [PARPORT] ecp (8bit) nullmodem cable pinout?

> On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Nicolas Souchu wrote:
> There's no problem whatsoever with the license... the code will be
> obfuscated and sold by $100, with the money going to my pocket :))
> Now, seriously, is there any portion of either kernel (Linux and FreeBSD)
> that's been ported to the other? What happened with the license?

Yes, there has been a few ports of Linux code to FreeBSD and vice
versa. Normally at the kernel level it is a fairly significant
rewrite hence "based on the FreeBSD/Linux driver" should really be
"inspired by the FreeBSD/Linux driver".

Otherwise the main differences is ownership of the code (GPL =>
original programmer, BSD => Regents of Berkley Uni) and the inclusion
of the code as part of other programs. Do we have a lawyer on the
mailing list?

David Campbell
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