[PARPORT] installation from Backpack-cdrom

Andreas Pizzinini (pizzinini@csi.com)
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 14:31:44 +0100

I want to install debian linux 2.0 on my computer.

I have an HP omnibook 600c and a Microsolutions backpack 16770 cd-rom. The
cd-rom is connected to the omnibook by the parallel port.

I also have
-bootdisk (resc1440.bin)
-cd rom "debian linux 2.0"
-floppy drive for the omnibook(1.44MB)
-disk (drv1440.bin)

I can boot from the bootdisk and start partitioning my harddrive. But when I come to the point where I want to install the system and kernal files from the cd-rom (first time reading from cd-rom), the backpack cd-rom is not recognized and does not work (works fine in DOS). I cannot load anything from cd-rom.

Do I have to set special boot options at the "boot:"-line? Any other ideas?

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