Re: [PARPORT] If anybody knows this?
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 07:38:05 -0500 (EST)

> I have bought (very cheap) a parallel to scsi adapter without any
> informations about the manufacturer or the place it was usually
> installed. I don't know a better group there I can ask to help me.

Did you get a driver disk with it ?

> Short description of the device:
> - plain board without housing, double sided, one parallel connector on
> board one as seperate header, SCSI connector
> - NCR 53c80E controller
> - several PAL (labeled with PSCSI3CA and PSCSI3BB)
> - LED connector
> - no firm logo or similarities

I can tell you what it certainly is not:

        - Shuttle EPSA2 or EPST - they use a single chip
        - Belkin parallel to scsi - it uses one big Xilinx chip
        - OnSpec 90c26 - it's a small single chip - and labelled
        - The current Iomega PPA (Jaz Traveller)

It probably is not:

        - the Adaptec/Trantor t348 or t358 - they have a T-shaped PCBA,
          although I've not tried to crack the cases to see what's on it.
          (They do use a 5380 either as a distinct chip, or as a 'cell'.)
        - The original Iomega PPA (I've never seen one, but I think it
          would have their label).
        - The original Shuttle EPSA (again, I think they'd have a label).
        - The adapter that Toshiba used in early PC CD-ROM drives - it was
          quite large (2"x4" perhaps) and did not have a 5380 on it.

It might be:

        - The Trantor t338 - which I've never seen
        - one of the Taiwanese adapters (Winbond/KingByte) that are
          marketed under the "LinkSys ParaScsi" label.

Or something else I've never even heard of.
I don't know if Rob Miller (from South Africa) is still lurking here,
if so, he can tell us about at least one model of the LinkSys adapter -
he did some work on it a couple of years ago.

standard case. The EPSA2, OnSpec and Belkin adapters all share the
same physical arrangements and dimensions. Somebody set a standard
at some time, but I haven't tracked down where or when that happened.
Perhaps it's nothing more than a set of moulds at some replication plant
in Taiwan that they all share.

Grant R. Guenther

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