[PARPORT] Initialisation of Freecom Traveller CD

Luc Krembel (lkrembel@epo.nl)
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:00:35 +0100

Dear members of the Linux-Parport list,

I've a little problem to use my Freecom Traveller CD (IQ cable
interface) under Linux with
a laptop computer (toshiba cs210. Redhat 5.1, Kernel updated to 2.2.1).

I can't (re) initialize correctly the CD player, and it is not
recognized by the "pcd" driver.

I read in the PARPORT home page the following

> There appear to be a number of noname external drives on the market that do not always
> power up correctly. We have noticed this with some drives based on OnSpec and older
> Freecom adapters. In these rare cases, the adapter can often be reinitialised by issuing a
> printer reset on the parallel port. As the reset operation is potentially disruptive in multiple
> device environments, the PARIDE drivers will not do it automatically. You can however,
> force a printer reset by doing:
> insmod lp
> rmmod lp
> If you have one of these marginal cases, you should probably build your paride drivers as
> modules, and arrange to do the printer reset before loading the PARIDE drivers.

which seems to correspond to my problem. However the insmod/rmmod trick
doesn't solve it!
When trying to load the pcd module by "insmod pcd" I receive a message
stating that the device is busy or off.

The only way I found to solve this problem, is first to boot under dos,
which loads then
the freecom cd-driver (.sys device) and initializes it correctly. After
that I can re-boot to linux.
This solution isn't very handy, as I'd like to use the advanced power
management feature to
suspend the computer, and switch it back without having to repeat the
whole boot process.

Any idea, how to reset correctly the interface, without using the dos
driver ?

Luc Krembel

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