Re: [PARPORT] Can't print after installing PARIDE (2.0.36, sorry)

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Subject: [PARPORT] Can't print after installing PARIDE (2.0.36, sorry)
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> Sorry to break into this development-oriented list with my problem
> using by-now ancient software, but I've read a lot of material at the
> parport website today and understood a fair amount of it without
> seeing the answer to my problem:
> On a Red Hat 5.2 Intel system with an unmodified 2.0.36 kernel I've
> installed the PARIDE devices using the mkd script in paride.txt so I
> could use the SyQuest EZ-135 that shares the parallel port with my HP
> LaserJet IIP. I was gratified to find that after insmodding paride,
> epat and pd I could use the SyQuest. In fact, it was easier to
> control the drive than under MS OSes in my experience.

2.0.36 is not THAT old...
> Trouble is, I can no longer print: not with lpr and not catting to
> /dev/lp1. This trouble happens even without the PARIDE modules
> loaded; it even happens after rebooting. Each time I attempt to print
> the following event is seen in any following dmesg output:
> lp1 at 0x0378, (polling)

autoloaded when ANYTHING touches /dev/lp#. The module will quietly
vanish after arround 30 seconds of idle time. Keep an eye out for a
program called "kerneld" in your process list, that is the module
autoloader. Anyway that explains the mysterious kernel message, on
with the problem...

Is this problem if the HP LJIIP is directly connected to the parallel
port or attached to the pass through device of the SyQuest?

What you have described is very odd and some more info is needed to
narrow the problem down to either the printer, SyQuest, parallel port
or the lp driver.

We can eliminate the:
a) SyQuest drive by directly connecting the printer to the machine.
b) parallel port if we can print on another Linux box using 2.0.35.
c) printer if another printer (preferably another brand) works on
   your machine
d) lp driver if the printer worked previously with another kernel

I hope this helps a little.

David Campbell
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