Re: [PARPORT] Can't print after installing PARIDE (2.0.36, sorry)

Lewis Perin (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 10:22:38 -0500 (EST)

Thanks very much for responding.

>> On a Red Hat 5.2 Intel system with an unmodified 2.0.36 kernel I've
>> installed the PARIDE devices using the mkd script in paride.txt so I
>> could use the SyQuest EZ-135 that shares the parallel port with my HP
>> LaserJet IIP. I was gratified to find that after insmodding paride,
>> epat and pd I could use the SyQuest. In fact, it was easier to
>> control the drive than under MS OSes in my experience.
>2.0.36 is not THAT old...
>> Trouble is, I can no longer print: not with lpr and not catting to
>> /dev/lp1. This trouble happens even without the PARIDE modules
>> loaded; it even happens after rebooting. Each time I attempt to print
>> the following event is seen in any following dmesg output:
>> lp1 at 0x0378, (polling)
>>From memory the lp driver is compiled as a module, therefore is
>autoloaded when ANYTHING touches /dev/lp#. The module will quietly
>vanish after arround 30 seconds of idle time. Keep an eye out for a
>program called "kerneld" in your process list, that is the module
>autoloader. Anyway that explains the mysterious kernel message, on
>with the problem...

I don't think lp is a module in my system: lsmod doesn't show it and
there's no kerneld activity visible running top when I (try to) print.

>Is this problem if the HP LJIIP is directly connected to the parallel
>port or attached to the pass through device of the SyQuest?


>What you have described is very odd and some more info is needed to
>narrow the problem down to either the printer, SyQuest, parallel port
>or the lp driver.
>We can eliminate the:
>a) SyQuest drive by directly connecting the printer to the machine.
>b) parallel port if we can print on another Linux box using 2.0.35.
>c) printer if another printer (preferably another brand) works on
> your machine
>d) lp driver if the printer worked previously with another kernel
> version.

Printing was fine with the same SyQuest drive, same printer, both
connected the same way to the same Linux installation before running
the mkd script. To my mind this eliminates a through d, but maybe I'm
missing something?

And now a postscript from the Dept. of Irreproducible Results: This
morning (after yet another reboot) printing went fine. But when I
insmodded paride, epat and pd the problem recurred; rmmodding them
didn't help.

Cheers, Lew

Lew Perin | |

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