Re: [PARPORT] Can't print after installing PARIDE (2.0.36, sorry)

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Subject: Re: [PARPORT] Can't print after installing PARIDE (2.0.36, sorry)
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> And now a postscript from the Dept. of Irreproducible Results: This
> morning (after yet another reboot) printing went fine. But when I
> insmodded paride, epat and pd the problem recurred; rmmodding them
> didn't help.

It sounds like you have narrowed down the problem considerably. The
problem could either be the pass through port is not being reset
properly after being used by paride (unlikely but it could be a
possiblity) or the parallel port registers are left in a strange

There are two things to try here, the first would to be power cycle
(turn off and then back on) the SyQuest drive. This should reset the
internal circuitry so that print jobs go straight through. Make sure
you do not have a disk in the drive when you do this (just being

Secondly, I will send you a small C program (off list) to force the
printer port into a known "sane" state (and also reset the printer at
the same time). If we can nail the source of the problem then we can
feed this back to the relevant developer.

David Campbell
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