Re: [PARPORT] Can't print after installing PARIDE (2.0.36, sorry)

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>> And now a postscript from the Dept. of Irreproducible Results: This
>> morning (after yet another reboot) printing went fine. But when I
>> insmodded paride, epat and pd the problem recurred; rmmodding them
>> didn't help.
>It sounds like you have narrowed down the problem considerably. The
>problem could either be the pass through port is not being reset
>properly after being used by paride (unlikely but it could be a
>possiblity) or the parallel port registers are left in a strange
>There are two things to try here, the first would to be power cycle
>(turn off and then back on) the SyQuest drive. This should reset the
>internal circuitry so that print jobs go straight through. Make sure
>you do not have a disk in the drive when you do this (just being

I just tried #1 and it didn't help; nothing visible happened on the
printer and dmesg's output grew by one line:

  lp1 at 0x0378, (polling)

>Secondly, I will send you a small C program (off list) to force the
>printer port into a known "sane" state (and also reset the printer at
>the same time). If we can nail the source of the problem then we can
>feed this back to the relevant developer.

I'd appreciate that.

Thanks very much, Lew

Lew Perin | |

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