Re: [PARPORT] Dell Optiplex GX1, HP Surestore 7200e and linux.
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 06:14:06 -0500 (EST)

> OK, I ran testport.exe and got the following:
> LPT = 0378, c0 c0 ff 0006
> Bidirectional
> ECR Detected, 95 14 40 c0 c0 c0 c0 c0 c0 EPP
> Chipset: Natsemi PC87309
> Setting: EPP, Passed (Mode available, not necessarily functional)
> Mode: EPP
> Looks promising, right?


> I'll try the Natsemi tip someone gave me...

And if that doesn't work, try this:

Here's the basic outline of the experiments I'd like you to try.

First, please get DOSemu onto your machine, and working with a real
version of DOS (not Freedos). I'd prefer if you could find version
0.66.7 - it was a stable version that contained my tracing logic.
More recent versions have changed a lot of things. (But the next version
will have my logic restored to working order, thanks to Hans Lermen.)
Get the emulator configured and add the following ports statements
into the dosemu.conf:

ports { 0x378 0x379 0x37a 0x37b 0x37c 0x37d 0x37e 0x37f 0x778 0x779 0x77a }
ports { 0x278 0x279 0x27a 0x27b 0x27c 0x27d 0x27e 0x27f 0x678 0x679 0x67a }
ports { 0x3f0 0x3f1 0x3f2 0x3f3 0x3f4 0x3f5 }
ports { 0x370 0x371 0x372 0x373 0x374 0x375 0x376 0x377 }
ports { 0x108 0x109 0x15c }
ports { 0x250 0x251 0x252 }
ports { 0x26e 0x288 0x289 0x28a }
ports { 0x368 }
ports { 0x398 0x399 }
ports { 0xcf8 0xcf9 0xcfa 0xcfb 0xe7a }

Then, please try running testport from inside DOSemu. Your first
objective is to get it to switch the port into EPP mode.

If it works (and reports that it worked) exit from the emulator and
see what happens when you load the PARIDE drivers. You must not
reboot, of course, between running testport and loading PARIDE.

Then, if it actually works, please try repeating the above

        dos -o testport.log -D+T

to start the emulator. That should produce a log file with a trace
of testport putting the port into EPP mode. This should be done from
a freshly rebooted system - so we know that it is reprogramming
the port from the state the BIOS leaves it in.

WARNING: you may find that testport is flaky inside the emulator - it
is best to try this with as little else running on the system as possible.
Many of these chips have hidden configuration registers that can only
be accessed by writing a magic sequence into a certain address within a
very limited time. "Don't blink or you'll miss it".

Grant R. Guenther

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