Re: [PARPORT] ZIP ppa driver

Matthias Jim Knopf (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 01:59:34 +0100 (MET)


> I have installed Red Hat 5.2 and selected installation method 'Workstation'.
> I have a ZIP drive on the parallel port (no printer installed or connected).
> At boot up I see SCSI host detected 0 and the result is that I cannot mount
> the zip drive.
> However when I do 'insmod ppa' it works and I can mount the zip drive.
> Question: why is the zip drive not detected at boot up?
...because ppa is compiled as a module. ;-)
me, too, I run a script "addzip" to insert the driver and do a "rmzip"
if I don't need the drive any more so that I can unplug it.

(the version with /etc/conf.modules doesn't work here, because I also
 have a "real" SCSI-Adapter)

If you want the kernel itself to know about the zip-drive you need to
recompile the kernel, but as far as I can see from Log.txt this would
be you first time... The problem with recompiling may be that
when booting the system with the drive unplugged would AFAIK disable
the drive for the whole session, so that you should try the
/etc/conf.modules - version, that unfortunately I can't test here.

So far, Jim (Matthias Knopf)

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