Re: [PARPORT] Help with Sparq drive
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 08:58:09 -0500 (EST)

> I do have the parport and paride drivers, I am fairly sure I compiled
> everything correctly (they are modules) but I am a little lost. For
> one, I can `insmod praride` but it doesn't like `insmod pd`, it tells me
> the device is busy even though it isn't listed if I `lsmod`.

First, you must understand that the error message from insmod is
absolutely devoid of meaning. All significant messages should be
logged to your console or to your kernel log file, depending on how
things are set up by your distribution.

In this case, it would seem that pd is not loading because there are no
protocol modules registered.

> `insmod epat` gives me an error that there is no such module.

Well, this is probably the first thing you should be investigating. You
may not have configured your new kernel correctly when you built it.
check that you specified 'M' for the EPAT module.

> The shell script in the readme didn't work for me,

If you are referring to the "mkd" script, that is merely an aid to
set up the necessary "nodes" in /dev. The same script can be found
at drivers/block/paride/mkd in the source tree. However, if the
script failed in some way, you should probably investigate why that
happened, as it probably indicates either a larger problem with your
setup (is bash missing or in the wrong place ?) or an error in the way
you started it. Remember that you must set the 'x' flag on shell scripts
with chmod.

> though I guess that is because I didn't fully load the drivers properly.

Actually, that's not relevant to any problems with mkd - it doesn't care
whether you have the drivers.

> Finally, my printer doesn't
> work, it worked with my previous kernel (without the paride modules
> installed) but now it doesn't. The physical setup is a daisy-chain on a
> single port, using the Sparq Drive's pass through port.

There are so many printing issues with moving to 2.2. It is possible that
there are some PARIDE induced problems, I've heard rumours, but no useful
evidence. However, since you haven't got "epat" loaded yet, nothing in
PARIDE has been anywhere near your parallel ports, so this printer problem
is definitely not a PARIDE issue.

More likely, you missed the documented changes in the "lp" device numbering.
You probably need to fix up your printcap file - I'm sure others here can
help with all the details.

Grant R. Guenther

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