[PARPORT] Newbie with parallel externel bay for notebook.

maroontoad (maroontd@iinet.net.au)
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 20:23:38 +0800

      I have a Parallel Port Solutions external bay which I use to attach a CD Rom, second HDD or FDD to my notebook. The thing works fine with dos, 311, 95, os2 and nt4. It uses Onspec CDBlazer software to detect the hardware installed within, which then loads an appropriate driver and the correct port (i think).
      I really want to load Linux and get the Microsoft monkey off my back, but no matter what I try, no luck.
      I have looked all over the net, read everything coming through here, read Linux Unleashed and tried the PARIDE boot disk but no luck. The boot disk opened the port and the CD light flickered as it was interrogated but it was unrecognised.
      What now???
Hope someone can help, thanks in advance
                                                                regards snow.

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