[PARPORT] backpack CDROM interface?

Julian Richardson (JRichardson@softwright.co.uk)
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 16:41:06 +0100


Out of curiousity, has anyone managed to reverse-engineer the interface
board in a BackPack CDROM drive (or any other parallel-port CD drive for
that matter...). I'm curious, having borrowed a BackPack drive - the
interface card in it is tiny and probably doesn't do that much, the CD
drive is a standard IDE, and surely an IDE CD drive isn't that hard to
talk to providing a simple controller is used?

I'm thinking that with the price of second-hand IDE CDROM drives these
days, it'd be great to build a parallel port BackPack-compatible (or
even something else entirely!) drive (guess the linux driver would have
to be based on the backpack, I certainly wouldn't fancy writing such a
thing from scratch) - could be a very cheap way of adding a CDROM to my
laptop (actually I think I have two spare quad-speed drives lying around

any ideas? anyone done it already or know of someone who has!?



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