[PARPORT] RE: FAQ: Re: Can't use my pararell port /dev/lp1 -can't print 2.

Sat, 03 Apr 1999 19:16:41 +0200 (CEST)

on 02-Apr-99 Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> You must compile the kerenl with KMOD=y.
from .config:
# Loadable module support
I have a kernel source 2.2.0 and all the patches.
I patch this way: #cat patch-2.2.x | patch -p1 -N -E -s -d /usr/src/linux-2.2.x
Is it o.k.? It gives no error message.
Kmod does still not working.
Parport cannot be seen in lsmod, although I can print with lp on lp1.
What about this printcap?
Some other problems:
It comes with both kernels:
 PAM_pwdb[209]: unrecognized option [sh]
 PAM_pwdb[209]: unrecognized option [sh]
 PAM_pwdb[209]: (login) session opened for user root by (uid=0)login[209]: ROOT
 PAM_pwdb[209]: (login) session closed for user root
First I had rh 5.0 later I upgraded to 5.2. Well I had some troubles because
there were times when I just couldn't log in. I logged with suse's login.
now pam-0.64-4, pamconfig-0.51-5, passwd-0.50-11, pwdb-0.55-1,
shadow-utils-980403-4, util-linux-2.8-11 cracklib-2.7-2 (and dicts)

So it causes that normal userers are not let in, only the root.
I don't want install everything from scratch, cos' I got a lotta things
Could you give me a hand?

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