[PARPORT] Trantor PARPORT SCSI M348 RH5.2 Install from CD-Mission Impossible?

George Wesbey (gwesbey@connectnet.com)
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 22:21:49 -0700


I am both a PARPORT and Linux newbie doing my first install.

I am looking for any comments from anyone who has tried Grant's t348.c
and t348.h drivers with a RH5.2 install onto a DOS box (Compaq 486
Deskpro 66M 8MB RAM 230MB HD). Want to use it as a firewall.

I am trying to decide between:
a)Install from CD-ROM via Trantor PARPORT SCSI
b)FTP or NFS Install via SparcIPX on LAN

I have cruised thru the archives. I don't see the Adaptec/Trantor SCSI
listed in the updated RH 5.2 boot disk at

The 1000 page SAMS book I bought with the RH5.2 CD has only a few
sentences each on ftp and NFS installs and devotes many pages instead to
CD installs.

I can't find anything on NFS or FTP install at the HOWTO site or the
Linux Documentation Project. Searching dejanews, it looks as though lots
of folks have failed with local LAN ftp RH5.2 installs with 8MB
machines, citing RAM-cram with the network load.

Any advice?


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