RE: [PARPORT] Autoloading protocol modules ?

Thu, 8 Apr 1999 14:31:03 +0100

At 02:20 PM 4/8/99 +0100, BROWN Nick wrote:
>Yessssss that works, brilliant, thank you.
>I also have modutils 2.1.121 (Debian 2.1). But I don't see any
>documentation for the -k switch in the man pages...

modprobe -k makes the module automatically unloadable,
so kerneld (or rmmod -a) can unload them. modprobe --help
writes about it a little.

One of my friends has a TV card, and he wrote a script for
loading all the tuner, chipset specific, etc and sound modules.
I configured it for him through /etc/conf.modules with pre-install
and post-install rules so simply starting xawtv loads the needed
8 (or more) modules.


Similarities between Unix programmers and witches:
1. They deal with daemons and zombies.
2. They use hex.

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