[PARPORT] Autoloading protocol modules ?

BROWN Nick (Nick.BROWN@coe.fr)
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 11:13:59 +0200

Currently I load paride and epat at boot time, and have pd loaded
automagically by kerneld when I mount my Plugger HD. But it would be really
cool to have paride and epat loaded by kerneld too. I added a dependency
(pd requires epat) to modules.dep by hand and it worked, but this file is
zapped by "depmod -a" at each boot and I'd rather not remove that command
and then have to maintain all the module dependencies by hand.

The man page for depmod seems to suggest that you can add a single
dependency with "depmod module dependson-1 dependson-2", but it isn't clear.
Or maybe there is a magic local file which "depmod -a" will integrate into
modules.dep along with the info it gets from the .o files ?

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Nick Brown, Strasbourg, France (Nick(dot)Brown(at)coe(dot)fr)

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