Re: [PARPORT] Need update: Paride on DEC Alpha

Jonathan Sturges (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 23:05:48 -0400

Holger Thon wrote:
> > I have a Multia 166Mhz. running RH5.1 w/ 2.0.36 kernel. I want to use
> > my parallel port SyQuest drive on it. The SyQuest drive works wonderfully
> > on RH5.1/Intel. However, I cannot make it work on the Alpha.
> Have you already tried using linux 2.2.x? It has improved parport
> drivers which also allow sharing the port with other devices. I also
> experienced that the static version under kernel 2.0.36 doesn't work
> (paride/OnSpec 26/pd), whereas the module works fine. I guess the
> modules have been tested more, because they provide more flexibility.
> So using the modules would be an alternative, as long as there is no
> root device on it. But maybe this can be fixed using initrd.

I haven't tried the 2.2.x kernels yet. What are RH5.x users doing to
get to 2.2.x? I didn't see updated kernel RPMs on the RedHat FTP site.

Also, yes, I've built a monolithic kernel, so maybe that's part of my

> you can give the parameter
> pd.drive0=0x378,1
> at boot time, where 0x is the port address and 1 the protocol number.

When I do this, pd changes its error message, now indicating that it
can't find the adapter (ie, parallel port?), whereas before it just
seemed to fail the drive probe. Hmmmmm. And I *am* passing the correct
IO address (0x3bc on the Multia), so this seems weird.


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