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On Sat, Apr 17, 1999 at 01:06:48PM +0800, David Campbell wrote:
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> Subject: Iomega Ditto MAX
> > I'm racking my brains off in the last couple of days with a Ditto Max tape drive. They say
> > it's a parallel SCSI compliant, so I've decided to enable parallel port support in kernel, and,
> > alternatively, the ppa and imm drivers. None of them seem to work, they do not detect anything.
> > I have NO printer support in kernel though it would be easier, but no results yet. Any ideas are welcome...
> This is the first I heard that the Ditto Max tape drive being a
> parallel <=> SCSI beast. I know that the original parallel port Ditto
> drives were a strange ISA/Floppy tape drive system. I wonder if
> anyone else on the Linux Parallel port mailing list knows anything
> about these devices.


I have been fiddling around with an external ditto max for several months;
despite the fact I got it working under linux, it is really a bad device,
not just under linux, but also under windows.

It has nothing to do with scsi.

You need special drivers (ftape, zftape and bpck-fdc) and special
utilities (ftmt instead of mt-st). Those can be found at

If you have kernel 2.2.x you are forced to use "unstable" drivers -
but they are enough stable I think:

If somebody is interested in my own setup:

Very much people have problems with that cr* drive as you can see at
the mailing list the mailing list linux-tape@vger.rutgers. As the ditto is not really
reliable for the purpose of backups I bought in the meantime a brand
new scsi streamer...

Nevertheless, good luck


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