[PARPORT] HP 7200e trouble

Paul Miller (pmiller@mtu.edu)
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 15:17:19 -0400

I'm running Linux 2.2.5 and have a HP 7200e CD-Writer. I'm having
problems when it comes to reconizing my drive as a SCSI device so that I
can burn CDs. I have X CD-Roast 0.96e and CD-Record 1.6.1. I can mount
and read CDs fine. Below is some helpful information that may help:

insmod scsi_mod
insmod ide-scsi
insmod sr_scsi
insmod sg
insmod parport
insmod paride
insmod epat
insmod pcd
insmod pg

"mount -o ro /dev/pcd0 /mnt/cdr" works

"cdrecord -scanbus" yields "no devices found"

X-CD-Roast wants me to load the sg-module, which is already loaded

What am I doing wrong??


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