[PARPORT] Printing problem in Red Hat 5.2

Göte Liss (gote.liss@mailbox.swipnet.se)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 07:31:19 +0200

Hello listmembers,

I suppose I'm not the first one with the following problem:

I'm running Red Hat 5.2 and have a parallel port 100 MB IomegaZip drive
installed (at the os installation).

Further, I'm sure that my printer inatallation is correct and my Epson
Stylus Color printer was found at the installation. All files involved
in the printing process are there and the permissions to the files are

When trying to make a test printing from the printer configuration menu
I get the message:

"Error reasons: lpr: connect: No such file or directory, jobs queued
but cannot find daemon"

I have learned that for other ditributions than Red Hat I should have
checked the file /etc/rc.local to see if the daemon is in it. But, this
Red Hat and it doesn't include rc.local and so it is in my case.

Finaly, when I try to read the files lp0-lp2, I get the answer:

"file not configured"

Possibly a solution to this problem has been reported before but I can't
find any.

Please advise!

Göte Liss
Ludvika, Sweden

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