[PARPORT] Ezflyer + Printer

Soulier, Frederic (Frederic.P.Soulier@british-airways.com)
19 Apr 1999 07:26:48 Z

Hi Tim,
Well, I have got good news today! Basically I did manage to
get both the Ezflyer & the printer to work over the week end.

   o kernel 2.2.4
 + o patch-2.2.5
 + o patch-2.2.5-tmw5
 + o manually fix static variable

then any insmod/modprobe (related to parport_pc) would work but
without giving any results. I then played with the BIOS settings.
My BIOS allows me to select the following parameters for the
// port:
   o Output only
   o Bi-directional
   o EPP
   o ECP

EPP was selected all this time. I then changed it to Bi-directional
and ... the light was!

# insmod parport
# insmod parport_pc
# insmod lp
# insmod paride
# insmod epat
# insmod pd
# mount -t vfat /mnt/pda1 /mnt/ezflyer

My conf.modules still contains:
alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc
options parport_pc io=0x378

I have been able to print from "printtool" from RH52 but sometimes I would
get the following message from "printtool":

"Error printing test page to queue lp1

Error reasons: lpr: connect: Connection refused
jobs queued, but cannot start daemon"

which was fixed by restarting the lpd from "printtool".

I have also printed from Wordperfect 8.

One odd thing though is that:
#ls -la >lp1 does not print anything... and

# lpr myfile does not work either...

I found this very strange because "printtool" works fine now...

Anyway, the main thing is that I am back on track now... and it
is bloody good!

Thanks to everybody on this list for sharing the information and
special thanks to you Tim for your step by step help, that was
greatly appreciated.


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