[PARPORT] external HDD problems (EPAT)

Miroslav BENES (mbenes@tenez.cz)
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 06:25:18 +0100

Hi everybody !

I have some problems and I hope to help from anybody.

I use external HDD on my computer. It was external CD-ROM some times
ago, but we succesfuly change it. It works good (but slow) on any
computer with Win95 and without ECP protocol. Okay.

I probed it with linux too. It works very good and much faster than
Win95. I use for it modules paride, pd and epat. Driver founds first
primary partition (/dev/pda1) and I can mout it. Okay.

But I have some troubles too.

1) When I probe change the disk, I cannot mount logical disk from
it. Device /dev/pda5 (6.....x) don't exists. How can I make it ? In
Win95 it works :-(

2) I probe to connect two disk too. In Win95 works all fine, but in
linux I cannot mount /dev/pdb1 (in isn't block device) and secondary
disk isn't detected in log file.

It's possible find some patch, which would help me ? Thank you very

HW: Petntium 233MMX, 64 MB RAM, CD-ROM + 2 (E)IDE disks, onboard
paralel port in EPP mode
SW: RedHat 5.2 + some patches, kernel 2.2.5

Miroslav BENES
E-mail : mbenes@tenez.cz
TENEZ Chotebor, a.s

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