[PARPORT] Problems with IOMEGA-ZIP-Drive

Andreas Grupp (grupp@est.fn.bw.schule.de)
Mon, 3 May 1999 10:14:42 +0100

I have a SuSE-6.1-Linux-System with Kernel-Version 2.2.5. I'am not
able to use my parallel-port Iomega-ZIP-Drive. Following my tests:

1.) Under /proc/parport/0 I can see the configuration of my parallel port.
Everything seems to be fine. I also see the probed data of my printer.

2.) Printing works fine after changing my /etc/printcap to use the device
/dev/lp0 instead of lp1

3.) Inserting the ppa-module fails with the message that the device is
busy or ... (I actually can't see the exact message :-).

4.) Controlling the ioports under /proc shows no use of the port.

5.) The same as under 3.) happens for the imm-Modul.

6.) The parport-Version is something with 2.xx? The newest version I
found under torque.net is 1.xx!?

Any help is welcome

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Andreas Grupp

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