Eligijus Sakalauskas (esakal@asi.lt)
Wed, 05 May 1999 17:10:24 +0300

Dear Sirs.
I'm one of Linux enthusiasts and I want to employ Parallel Line
Internet  Protocol (PLIP)
network driver for a fast data transfer between the PC's or as an
ethernet driver.
The existing PLIP's uses a Nibble transfer mode (4 bits).
Due to TriggerWait=500usec and NibbleWait=3000usec inserted in,
a  transfer rate is about 200Kbit/sec.
I'm looking for a PLIP with at least 1Mbits/sec.
I'd like to ask you about the PLIP drivers capable to transfer at least
Do you have such a driver at hand now with or without IEEE 1284 Std EPP
The main requirement to achiev the rate is a 8 bits bidirectional

Please tell us also are you intending to launch this software in future.

May be we can find an area for a further cooperation.

Your kind attaention will be highly appreciated.

Architecture and Construction Institute.

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