[PARPORT] 2.2.7 fixes

F Labrosse (masfl@maths.bath.ac.uk)
Tue, 11 May 1999 11:03:03 +0100 (BST)

Tim Waugh writes:
> No-one on linux-kernel seems very interested in trying out parallel port-
> or printer-related fixes for 2.2.7. Maybe I'll have more luck here. ;-)
> This is patch-2.2.7-fixes-2, which I intend to send to Linus for 2.2.8.
> Please test it out as much as you can; in particular, please check that
> printing to a printer with no paper works as before.
> There are basically three changes: softctr in parport_pc, SPP detection in
> parport_pc, and nFault handling in lp.
> Let me know how it goes; I can't send it to Linus untested.

Tried it, works fine. I've tried to print whith the printer off, on, with
paper, without paper, all worked fine.

BTW, I discovered that the tmw patches are not necessary for the
daisy-chaining to work. Actually, all went well without tmw, except that
the imm module is still not autoloading and that the parport module is not
autoloading too when I do a "insmod imm" :-(


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