Re: [PARPORT] HP COLORADO 8GBe questions
Thu, 13 May 1999 07:07:56 -0400 (EDT)

> I have HP COLORADO 8GBe I a using paride/epat/pt modules for this drive.
> my questions are:
> 1. is this the right module combination?


> 2. I want to use dump for backups can someone give me a good command line.
> (I know the basics tape length and block size is my main questions)

Best block size is 16K. The pt driver should report the tape capacity
whenever the device is opened. (Check dmesg.)

> 3. is there a way to use this tape drive and not have it rewind. Or to be
> able to seek to the part of the tape that is not used. How can I do ulti
> partition backups on a single tape with dump?

The "non-rewind" devices, such as /dev/npt0, will not rewind on close.

Grant R. Guenther

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