[PARPORT] Using parport with Wine?

Zach Pardos (security@solarweb.com)
Mon, 17 May 1999 13:56:17 -0600

I've read that it is possible for wine to access parport devices and
thus use windows CDR software to write. The following error is returned
when I attempt to run a CDR program with wine, after insmod pg
fixme:aspi:SendASPI32Command ASPI: Partially implemented SC_HA_INQUIRY
for adapter 0.
err:aspi:ASPI_ExecScsiCmd Failed: could not open device. Device
permissions !?

I'd like to know what preperations I must make to do this, I heard
pppuser is the way, however I get "undefined constant" errors when
compiling and I don't have a /dev/pppuser0, not sure the mknod syntax to
create it. The whole purpose of getting wine CDR proggs to work is so
that I can use the application that may create a VCD formatted iso from
an mpeg file. If there is a way of accomplishing this under linux, I'd
like to know. Suggestions appreciated.

Zach Pardos
Solarweb Development

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