Re: [PARPORT] Possible Bug in lp-module (Kernel 2.2.8) (fwd)

Tim Waugh (
Tue, 18 May 1999 21:10:14 +0100 (GMT)

On Tue, 18 May 1999, Michael Gebauer wrote:

> This has been my configuration in /etc/conf.modules:
> alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc
> options parport_pc io=0x3bc,0x378 irq=none,none
> ^^^^^
> That's the valid iobase of lp0

Ah, now it all makes sense!

The behaviour change is intentional. It's an admission of the fact that
we can't always reliably detect the presence of a port -- the control
register might not be readable, and the data lines might not get latched
(or a peripheral might force them to a certain state). In case all our
tests fail, and the user has specifically asked us to use a particular
base address, we believe the user because they probably know what they're
doing. ;-)

The reason a behavioural change went into a stable kernel branch is that
with the previous behaviour, some people just couldn't use their parallel
ports for anything.


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