Re: [PARPORT] Syquest and printer [and Zip disk, to]

Matthew Vanecek (
Fri, 21 May 1999 22:59:39 +0000

Michael David Borden wrote:
> I have a stupid question. After you insert the modules for the syquest
> should the printer work hand in hand with the syquest or do you need to
> remove the paride, epat and pd modules. The reason why I ask is my printer
> does not print if I have the parallel connection from the printer to the
> syquest but it will print when the parellel connection is from the printer
> directly to the computer? Does that mean my syquest might be messed up?
> Thanks.
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Not so stupid, really. I've an almost identical problem with the Iomega
Zip drive (ppa version). The thing with my problem, is that I can boot
up, have the drivers loaded as modules *or* compiled into the kernel,
and the printer won't print if it's hooked up to the Zip drive.
However, if I then power off the Zip drive and power it on, the printer
will start printing, until I make another access to the Zip drive.
Also, with the modularized kernel, I can boot up, load the
parport/parport_pc/lp module, and print through the Zip, but when I load
the ppa module, printing stops cold.

I've only tried kernels 2.2.6 - 2.2.9. I've also tried Dave Campbell's
updated ppa.c/ppa.h/imm.*, etc, (which came out, what, yesterday?
Wednesday?) with exactly the same results. The problem is the same in
both EPP and EPP+ECP mode. I can't try SPP, beccause my BIOS doesn't
offer it for some reason.

I'm quite mystified by this, as the parport code worked well in the
2.1.x kernels. That was on a 486/133, however, and this is a K6-2/350
on an ASUS P5A mobo. I don't see where that should make a difference,

Tim Waugh advised me to try the above steps, over in linux-kernel list.
I sent him a copy of dmesg and module loading results, per his request,
also. Hopefully we can find some sort of solution soon. I *really*
don't want to put my printer back on the NT box, because I rarely leave
my NT box on for the length of time my Linux boxes are on.

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