[PARPORT] [Help] New scanner driver for Xerox Workcentre Xi

Rapin, Patrick (prapin@ocd.ch)
Fri, 21 May 1999 19:25:17 +0200


I have planned to write a parport scanner driver for the Xerox
Workcentre Xi Series machine. This is a multifunctional device with a
scanner and a printer, aimed primarly to make stand-alone color
photocopies, like to the HP 1170C.
This copier is not yet on the market (but will be soon, at least I
hope). I am working on its development, and I am probably the main
firmware developer in the project.

So I know about the machine and the subtilities of its communication
protocols. I do not need to make any reverse engineering!
But I lack knowledge about how to write a Linux interface between the
kernel and the SANE software.

For the parallel port modes, we use basically ECP, although the
compatible-nibble mode also works. EPP and byte modes are not supported.
I noticed that ECP communication rountines are not yet implemented in
kernel 2.2, but a patch in development exists.
The scanner we have is a modified Microtek SCSI one (I suppose that the
SANE driver for Microtek should pass), with a special communication
overhead for all commands.

So I do not know how I could minimize the work to be done while
maintaining acceptable scanner performance. I need your help to choose
the better options among these ones, and possibly others.

For the kernel version:
  - Use the tmw (formerly 1284) kernel patch for 2.2 and ask the users
to do the same.
  - Use the regular 2.2 kernel and write the ECP protocol myself.
  - Wait for a stable 2.4 kernel with these rountines.
For the SANE interface:
  - Write a kernel patch to catch SCSI command for the scanner, and send
them via parport with an additionnal head.
  - Use a user space driver to catch these commands
  - Write a brand new SANE backend.

Thank you for all help you could provide me.

Patrick Rapin - OCD SA - prapin@ocd.ch

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