[PARPORT] Parallel Colorado TAPE 250 MB

Jordi Slave (lobo@slave.net)
Mon, 24 May 1999 21:10:29 +0200


I have a Parallel TAPE device: Colorado Parallel Printer Port TAPE for IBM
PCs and COMPATIBLES. It is a jumbo trakker 250 MB

I have installed ftape-4.03-pre-2.tar.gz
who can I access it? which is the
device? or who can I make a dev to parallel tape? what's parameters I should
pass mknod command?

This tar-gz file include ftmt software or no, when I installed
ftape-3.04d.tar.gz this software have included, I have uninstall this
version to install new version and I can not found ftmt software, is it
right ?

Can you help me?

TIA, Jordi.

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