Re: [PARPORT] Parallel Colorado TAPE 250 MB

Jochen Hoenicke (Jochen.Hoenicke@Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE)
Fri, 28 May 99 16:01 MET DST

: From: "Jordi Slave" <>
: Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 21:10:29 +0200
: Hi,
: I have a Parallel TAPE device: Colorado Parallel Printer Port TAPE for IBM
: PCs and COMPATIBLES. It is a jumbo trakker 250 MB
: I have installed ftape-4.03-pre-2.tar.gz
: who can I access it? which is the
: device? or who can I make a dev to parallel tape? what's parameters I should
: pass mknod command?

The devices should be automatically made by "make install", they are
/dev/qft0 and /dev/nqft0 (the first rewinds after each operation).

You should change the modules/insert script; remove the bpck and
ftape-internal modules and change the ftape and trakker options to

insmod ./ftape.o ft_fdc_driver=trakker
insmod ./trakker.o ft_fdc_parport=-1 ft_fdc_base=0x378 ft_fdc_irq=7

This assumes you are using linux-2.0.xx, and have connected the
trakker to the first parallel port.

After calling modules/insert the device /dev/nqft0 should work. You
should then read the ftape documentation for information how to insert
the modules automatically.

: This tar-gz file include ftmt software or no, when I installed
: ftape-3.04d.tar.gz this software have included, I have uninstall this
: version to install new version and I can not found ftmt software, is it
: right ?

You need ftape-tools-1.xx.tar.gz; it should be available at the same place.


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