Re: [PARPORT] Iomega Ditto Max Pro only works with tar not cpio

Neil Soper (
Tue, 25 May 1999 18:47:32 +0100

In case anyone else hits the same problem I did, I thought I'd post the
answer now that it is solved. Juergens suggestion below removed the boot
time error messages when I loaded the ftape, zftape etc. modules
(incidentally Juergen, the device was definitely /dev/qft1, until I made
your changes , then /dev/qft1 was gone and /dev/qft0 worked for the first

However I still had the situation where I could write and read to the device
with tar but not cpio. The answer was to set the --block-size option for
cpio to the default block size used by tar ,a value of 20 (* 512 bytes).
This works but I am not sure why, I guess maybe something to do with buffer
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From: Juergen Leising <>
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Date: 21 May 1999 11:36
Subject: Re: [PARPORT] Iomega Ditto Max Pro only works with tar not cpio

>On Thu, May 20, 1999 at 11:26:06PM +0100, Neil Soper wrote:
>> I am fairly new to Linux so I hope this is not too stupid a question. I
have RH 5.2 installed (Linux kernel 2.0.36) and downloaded ftape-4.03-pre-2
a month or so back. I have a parallel port Iomega Ditto Max Pro which I plan
to use as a backup device. I load a number of modules at boot-time as
>> insmod ./ftape-internal.o ft_fdc_fc10=0 ft_fdc_mach2=0 ft_fdc_base=0x210
ft_fdc_dma=0 ft_fdc_threshold=15 # ft_fdc_rate_limit=4000
>> modprobe parport || true # pre-2.1 kernels don't have the parport module
>> insmod ./trakker.o
>> insmod ./bpck-fdc.o
>> all done from a script called insert that came with ftape.
>Hi -
>forget "insert" - try the following:
>insmod ftape ft_fdc_driver=bpck-fdc,none,none,none
>insmod zftape
>insmod bpck-fdc ft_fdc_irq=7 ft_fdc_base=0x378
>(assuming you have plugged in your ditto into the first parallel port)
>First test:
>ftmt -f /dev/qft0 status
>> At first all seemed fine I tried tar and dd to the device /dev/qft1 and
it worked OK,
>I can't beleive this, because ditto can be accessed only via the first
>interface (i. e. qft0 and nqft0) due to a hardware limitation of

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