[PARPORT] Zip-Drive and Printer problem

Joachim Woll (woll@hrz.uni-kassel.de)
Wed, 26 May 1999 01:23:07 +0200

Hi folks,

on my System (Linux v2.2.9) a Printer (HP6L) and a Zip100 is installed.
I would like to connect the printer into the ZIP device; but they
do not work together on one parallel port.

Everthing is fine when I load the modules like this:
 insmod parport
 insmod parport_pc
 insmod lp
 *printer works*
  insmod parport; insmod parport_pc
  insmod ppa
 *ZIP is accessable...*

But :
  insmod parport...
  insmod lp
   *printer is fine...*
  insmod ppa
  *zip works, printer is not working*
  insmod parport...
  insmod ppa
  *zip is fine*
  rmmod ppa
  insmod lp
  *printer is not accessable*

So once the ppa module is loaded the printer cannot be reached.
Only disconnecting/reconnecting the powerline of the zip-drive gives
the access to the printer back.
It seems like the ppa module disables the Zip-drive´s internal Port.

Any help to this issue?

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