[PARPORT] EPP mode detection problem

Steffen Koehler (stk@ite.inf.tu-dresden.de)
Wed, 26 May 1999 14:35:21 +0200

The EPP mode autoprobe code in the Linux 2.2.1 kernel seems not to
work correctly in some cases. If there is a EPP and not ECP capable
ISA adapter card (e.g. EX 4076) installed, the following
problem occures during card detection:

- SPP/PS2 detection runs without any problem
- the adapter card does not contain a ECR register, so EPP capability
  needs to be detected via EPP timeout condition
- if there is no device connected to the belonging port, a EPP timeout
  occures and the EPP mode is detected
- if a device is connected and the device is in EPP mode, the EPP timeout
  will never happen, because the EPP cycle is always completed. The EPP
  mode can't be detected in this case.

Hardware: ExSys EX 4076 Multi IO card, ham radio EPP fifo modem

Is there any new driver patch to solve this problem ?



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