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Sean C. Payne (
Wed, 26 May 1999 22:45:09 +0000

On Wed, 26 May 1999 22:04:49 +0100 (GMT), Tim Waugh wrote:

>On Wed, 26 May 1999, Sean C. Payne wrote:
>> Q: If I attache the device to the parallel port via a "pp laplink" cable
>> what command can I issue under Linux to listen to the parallel port? With
>> a serical port I can "tail -f /dev/ttyS0 >outputfile" is there something
>> similar I can do?
>No. [At least, not yet. ;-)] It would be fairly similar to reverse byte
>mode, but I don't think it would be similar enough.
>You can use iopl and inb/outb to get the behaviour you want by writing a
>small utility.
Thanks Tim,

        With that in mind, any good reference to get me started? C programming was a class almost a
decade ago... I'm a network admin not a programmer :-) but hey I'm up to trying.

        What I have is a security system that records when doors are opened, what user code was used,
and any failures. It also records alarms. Rather than wade through miles of paper, I thought if there was an
easy way to let it think it was printing but have Linux capture this I could then "massage" the output into
various reports...

        Given that info, would I use a straight through cable or a laplink style cable? I assume that it would
be possible to use either depending on the program? Which would you recommend?

        There is a DOS based app written by the vendor to capture the data and generate reports, but I
would rather use Linux... Every excuse I can come up with to put old 486's w/ linux helps drive home the fact
that M$ doesn't have all the answers.

        Thanks for any / all advise, direction, comments, etc....

Sean C. Payne

My best view from a Window was through OS/2.

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