[PARPORT] ADV: Ground Floor Stock Investment Opportunity

Fri, 4 Jun 1999 00:14:19

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It is a fact that the Stock Market has created
more wealth than any pother means of human
endeavor. Equity in public companies has been
the fastest way to build a fortune. The key
is to become informed and to find the right
company, and to get involved early -- VERY
EARLY -- When stock values are very low.
All large companies on Wall Street started out
small - many have grown to become very
substantial, in a relatively short period, and
have Made Their Investors Millions.

We have discovered a San Diego-based technology
company that has great promise - and that could
replace one of the most widely used products of
all time, and with health benefits to everyone.
The company in June is to debut several net
patent-protected fitness products - products
for the 21st Century - and will revolutionize
the fitness and health care industry.

Call TOLL-FREE 1-888-MICRO-CAP (1-888-642-7622)
immediately for more details (Outside the U.S.
please call 1-702-614-0003). There is no time
like the present to learn about the Stock
Market Winners of the Future!

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