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Soulier, Frederic (Frederic.P.Soulier@british-airways.com)
04 Jun 1999 09:17:45 Z

Pedro wrote:
>I've almost the same configuration (I'm using a Fujitsu MO 230P
>with parport/paride/epat/pd). To make it auto-load when clicking
>on the icon, I just had to add the following lines to the
>/etc/conf.modules file
>alias block-major-45 pd
>pre-install pd insmod paride
>pre-install pd insmod epat
>You might have to play around with the exact order because I'm in the
>office and my PC is at home and I'm not 100% sure. But the tune
>be too different to that. Anyway, try...

I have tried that but with no luck, it does not make any difference.
Thanks anyway.


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