[PARPORT] M.S. Backpack probing fail

Moore Family (moore@teleport.com)
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 11:13:06 +0000

First many thanks to all those who have spent
their time endevoring to get their computer to
interface to something useful, and then a query:

I've got a Microsolutions Backpack Tape drive.
I don't know if its an 8000t or an 8000td or whatever,
it's just not labled very well. It's serial number
14802452 if that helps. My backpack runs in dos
fine, msd.exe says that lpt1 is 0378H and IRQ7
and that there is only one lpt port.

I'm running Slackware with 2.0.30 kernel modded
for ham radio and no printer support. I've updated
to modutils 2.1.85 and it compiled fine. I've also
installed ftape 4.03 pre 2.

The difficulty comes in modprobing stuff into the
kernel. Try:
command> modprobe zftape
kernel: zftape for ftape v4.03-pre-2 11/05/98
kernel: (c) 1996, 1997 Claus-Justus Heine
kernel: vfs interface for ftape floppy tape driver.
kernel: Support for QIC-113 compatible volume table.
kernel: Compiled for Linux version 2.0.30
kernel: [000] zftape-init.c (zft_init) - zft_init @
kernel: [001] zftape-init.c (zft_init) - installing
zftape VFS interface for ftape driver ....

command>modprobe bpck-fdc ft_fdc_irq=7 ft_fdc_base=0x378

bpck-fdc.c: bpck_fdc_register @ 0x0184b2d0
[002] fdc-io.c (fdc_register) - Probing for bpck-fdc tape drive
slot 0.
[003] 0 bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_probe) - Bpck parallel port
tape drive interface for ftape v4.03-pre-2 11/05/98.
[004] bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_query_proto) - Got 0x80, expected either
0xc0 or 0x40.
[005] 0 bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_detect) - can't find bpck
interface for ftape id 0.
[006] 0 bpck-fdc.c (bpck_fdc_detect) -
ft_parport_probe(fdc, &bpck->parinfo) failed: -6.

What's interesting is that sometimes I can "Got 0x78," and this is
independant of whether I have the tape drive turned on.
On the off chance that I have the IRQ's wrong I let it do a plain
command> modprobe bpck-fdc
and in the 3 slots it tests, the first one is 0378H and it "Got 0x80"
or "Got 0x78" depending on which is in vogue. So the auto-irq and
I seem to agree.

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