Re: [PARPORT] Install
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 09:01:56 +0100

Having given up on the idea of installing Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 from my
parallel port Freecom IQ CD-RW, I came up with a new idea. Install using
a different method then configure the CD-rom. According to the manual,
Freecom parallel port CD-rom drives are supported by the 2.0.35 kernel. It
states that the drive must be initialised with power-cd.sys in DOS first,
then boot to linux. The module needed is pwcd. Below is the output when I
tried this by booting with loadlin (but didn't know how to load
power-cd.sys first...):

insmod paride
     paride: version 1.02 installed
insmod frpw
     paride: frpw registered as protocol 0
insmod pcd
     pcd: pcd version 1.03s, major 46, nice 0
     pcd0: autoprobe failed
     pcd: no CDrom drive found
     initialisation of pcd failed
insmod pwcd
     pwcd: autoprobe failed
     initialisation of pwcd failed

Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong + how to load the driver before
booting to linux?


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