[PARPORT] Problem with Xerox XJ6C

Fabio Panzavolta (panzavol@csr.unibo.it)
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 17:54:51 +0000

Hi all!
I've a problem that I tried to solve but... if I'm here ;-)
My system is: linux suse 6.0
                kernel 2.2.7
                kde 1.1
With my old panasonic XP2023 (24 dot matrix printer) there wasn't problems, but
with my new printer (Xerox XJ6C) I can't print anymore.
When the system boot it recognize the right irq and I/O address, but it tell me
that there are no IEEE1284 device present, but in my Xerox printer is written
that it's IEEE1284 compatible.
So I read all How To's and I change my printer cable also (bi-directional)
because i thought my old wasn't it, but nothing it don't work!!
In the utility of KDE Printer Queue when I try to print something it appear a
message like: "waiting for lp to become ready (offline?)".
I configured with YaST the apsfilter with a default color ink-jet printer,
maybe did I wrong here?
So, my question is: is my printer windows only (hope
no!) or I miss something?
Thanks a lot... please help me!

Fabio Panzavolta
Mail To: panzavol@csr.unibo.it

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