[PARPORT] getting the port to share

Mary Ann Fitzwater (mafmaf@ibm.net)
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 12:59:37 -0400

What are the rules for how many and which devices can share a parallel

I am running DosLinux versions 83 and 84 with a 2.2.6 kernel. I can
mount and access my ezflyer 230 or my microsolutions backpack CDrom but
I cannot get insmod to find more than one at a time. Hence, I can
mount only one at a time. I have only one parallel port, 378, but
since one device uses epat and the other bpck and they load as protocol
0 and 1 I was hoping to access both at the same time. Both devices
work with the parallel port set to bidirectional (mode 0) but not to
EPP. Both often require a repeat insmod command and/or a printer reset,
and are sensitive to printer on or off. I have tried various versions
of drive0=0x378,0 for pd or drive0=0x378,1,65 for pcd, even adding mode
or delay.

I boot into Doslinux with the printer on or turn the printer on as it
boots or the system hangs. As for printing, a few times I got lp0:
using parport0 (polling) and once I printed using the cat command.
Getting this message seems to correlate with setting lp1 in printcap.
Why I cannot get this most of the time I don't know.

I have ordered a H45 parellel port hard drive kit and an Imation
LS-120. Since C: drive is a 520M hard drive with DOS and OS/2 (fat
only) I need the storage to be able to build a bigger Linux system. I
am planning to continue to boot the small (50M) Doslinux system on C:
using loadlin but keep added files on a different drive. I was able to
partition the ezflyer and make an ext2 file system on it.

I understand the parport is required to share a port. I insmod parport,
parport_pc, paride, epat & pd or bpck & pcd. Parport_pc does not appear
to be used.

Modutils is 2.1.125. The modules for parport were downloaded from
torque.net a few weeks ago. I have downloaded the later version of
modutils but not installed it. I assume that to do that I need to get
the files that the Doslinux lists as the gcc compiler files needed to
compile a new kernel.

I can send relevant parts of the dmesg file but I would like to know
what things are relevant to this problem.

Relevant settings in my kernel, still as initially downloaded, are as
# Automatically generated make config: don't edit
# Config for DosLinux kernel: 2.2.6
# Loadable module support
# CONFIG_KMOD is not set
# Plug and Play support
# Block devices
# CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD_IDE is not set
# Additional Block Devices
# CONFIG_PARIDE is not set
# Character devices

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