[PARPORT] "Magic Convertor II Plus" from Dotop Co., Ltd

Jan Vicherek (honza@ied.com)
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 17:12:26 -0400 (EDT)


   I found this piece of HW in my basement:

 "Magic Convertor II Plus" from Dotop Co., Ltd

 I just bought Phillips CDD-2000 CD-R drive and so I thought I could make
them work somehow together. So far I don't know how. I have Linux RedHat
5.2 and Linux RedHat 6.0 and I know how to compile kernels, etc.

  If anybody can suggest which driver(s) might by some chance work, please
let me know. (and possibly which kernel version and which driver version)

 This "Magic Convertor II Plus" is a small 2"x4" box, one side plugs into
parallel port and the other side has two connectors; one for SCSI and one
for Printer (again parallel port). It requires external 5V DC power. It
has 14 chips on the PCB: 5 on top and 9 on bottom. Plus a crystal :

"P R E
 3 1 0 0
 3 0 2"

These chips are :


"NCR 53C80





 on the bottom :


 H 9250"


and five pieces of:

 other than that there is about 25 capacitors, 15 resistors, a couple of
transistors, a couple of diods, one inductor, and three 8-pin ?SCSI
terminators? or something like that.



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