Re: [PARPORT] BETA test, new ppSCSI drivers

Michele Bini (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 02:31:16 +0000

at first i have to thank you for your Microtek driver.

I am tring to get my Microtek Phantom 336 CX scanner
(connected to the parallel port via an 90c26 Onspec chip
supported by the onscsi beta driver from Grant Guenther)
to work fine.

The main modification I have made to your driver is:
(i sent full patch in aswer to a mail earlier at sane-devel)
(i have only tested the microtek2 driver present
in sane-1.0.1, tomorrow i'll try your 0.7 version)
(0x94 is the model_code of my scanner)

- /* Apparently the V300 doesn't know "read image status" at all */
- if ( mi->model_code != 0x85 )
+ /* Apparently these models don't know "read image status" at all */
+ if ( ( mi->model_code != 0x85 ) && ( mi->model_code != 0x94 ) )

Scanning usually works, but there are some problems still, the
biggest one being the fact that the head starts scanning
with a certain offset, which, in 'preview mode', seems
proportional to the bit depth of the image (that is, small
at line-art mode, big at gray mode and huge at color mode).
One side effect of this is that the head, at the
end of the scanning, hits against the upper side of the
scanner, making the pulley slide. After that the head
is returns and hits in the lower side, too, but this
time the pulley doesn't seem to slide, while the
motor driving the pulley emits a strange noise, until
I turn off the scanner by hand.

Do you have any idea about how this issue can be solved?


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