Re: [PARPORT] how to switch off one of the ports?

Tim Waugh (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 08:07:36 +0100 (GMT)

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Sven Geggus wrote:

> yesterday I asked for a parallel port pcmcia client-driver and discovered
> later on, that there already is parport support in pcmcia since version
> 3.0.12. Anyway, is it possible to tell the parport driver to ignore the
> first parallel port when loading?

If you specify base addresses for the ports, parport_pc will use only
those and not probe for others. It should be possible to specify all the
other ports in your system, and leave out the one you want to ignore. If
you have PCI parallel port cards, this is a little harder, since you need
to check their addresses and you may need to use base_hi as well as base.
And base_hi is very new.

But basically, there isn't a mechinism for saying just 'ignore this port'.


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